Freelancing & Outsourcing

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Freelancing & Outsourcing Class Details

Lecture 1
  • What is freelancing and outsourcing ?
  • Why we do freelancing ?
  • How we do freelancing?
  • Who can do freelancing ?
  • Trust-able marketplace
  • Total overview about freelancing
Lecture 2
  • How to earn by clicking
  • Introduction with click to earn website
  • How to open account in this website
  • How to work in this account
  • how to get payment from this website
Lecture 3
  • What is Ad-sense
  • Total description of Ad-sense
  • How to get Adsense
  • What is Youtube Ad-sense
  • Alternative Ad-sense
  • How to get payment from this website
Lecture 4
  • What is youtube
  • how make a vido
  • How to upload video in youtube
  • How to do seo of your youtube video
  • How to do monetize of your video
  • how to do adsense of your video
  • how to do youtube adsense account
Lecture 5
  • What is Blog
  • What is Website
  • Difference Between Blog & Website
  • How to open a blog account
  • Start to create a blog
  • Introduce to blog dashboars & others option
  • Choose a blog template and arrange blog
Lecture 6
  • Arrange blog with layout
  • What is favicon & how to make favicon
  • How to work in Navbar
  • How to work in header
  • How to write Meta title & Meta Description
  • How to make logo
  • How to make lavel and menu
Lecture 7
  • How to add Gadget
  • How to write a post beautifully
  • How to make a page
  • How to link with page
  • How to add footer menu
  • How to add contact us Gadget
  • Others Settings of Blog
  • How to work advanced settings of blog
  • How to earn from Blog
Lecture 8
  • What is Jobboy
  • How to open an account in Jobboy
  • How to work in Jobboy
  • Real life work from Jobboy
  • Get payment from Jobboy
Lecture 9
  • What is Microworkers
  • How to open an account in Microworkers
  • How to work in Microworkers
  • Real life work from Microworkers
  • Get payment from Microworkers
Lecture 10
  • How to get payment Easily
  • How to open an account in Payneeor and
  • How to get master card
  • How to open an account in Skrill
  • How to open and account in Payza
  • How to set all payment in market place website
Lecture 11
  • What is Survey work?
  • How to do Survey work?
  • How to get payment form survey work?
  • How to get trusted VPN/VPS?
  • Survey trusted market place?
  • How to open survey account?
  • How to verify your survey account by original USA mobile number?
Lecture 12
  • What is off page marketing
  • Kinds of off page marketin
  • Defination of all kind off page marketing
  • What is Social Media marketing(SMM)
  • Kinds of SMM
  • How to do SMM
  • How to get visitor for your blog or website
  • How to work in Craigslist
Lecture 13
  • What is Upwork
  • Introduce with Big Market place
  • How to open an account in Upwork
  • Add work type
  • Add skills
  • Add image, title, overview, skill, language
Lecture 14
  • Introduce with others option of upwork
  • What is Bid
  • How to BId in upwork
  • How to konw good client or bad client
  • Best way to Bid
  • When you will Bid
  • Tips and Tricks of Upwork
Lecture 15
  • How to Bid
  • Home work
  • Trouble shooting
  • You will Bid in upwork and there is any Problem. Then we will solve this problem
  • Payment system of upwork
  • How to communicate with client
  • Best time to get Job
Lecture 16
  • How to open an account in Fiverr
  • How to open a professional Gig
  • How to submit offer.
  • Over all Process of Fiverr.
Course Price : BDT 15000.00 Number of Classes : 120 Minute/Day (Total 32:00:00 Hours)
Days :  As per Students Requirement Weekly Classes :  2 Classes
Class Hour : 2 hours Time : As per Students Requirement

Training Overview

You haven’t idea about Freelancing and Outsourcing? There are some institutions providing Freelancing and Outsourcing training in Bangladesh. You can also learn it through Freelancing and Outsourcing tutorials. Freelancing and Outsourcing Solutions is also providing Freelancing and Outsourcing training in NEBULAS IT. Our training is focused on Freelancing and Outsourcing course. We will show you the ways of outsourcing. You will also learn about how to start Freelancing and Outsourcing from Bangladesh.

Training Objectives

With This training we will teach you step-by-step through everything you will need to be a Successful Freelancer:

  • You will learn Click to Earn.
  • You will learn YouTube & Website Adsense.
  • You will learn Blogspot.
  • You will learn Job without bid.
  • You will learn how to get Payment.
  • You will learn off page Marketing, Craigslist.
  • Understanding about Upwork, Fiverr and another market place.

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